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Solutions DeBellas has extensive experience in supplying businesses with smart, clean websites and web applications. We design aesthetically pleasing, easy to navigate websites from scratch that utilize the latest web media technology. Web media can be an important part of a marketing strategy, training program, or other initiative. Many of our sites have embedded sound, video, interactive Flash CS3 movies, virtual tours, presentations, and other media that enhance our client’s websites.



There are over 1 trillion pages on the web! Every page has strengths and weaknesses. Some pages are flashy, while others are boring; some have too little information while others are difficult to navigate. What is good for your company or organization?

People go to websites to get information in one form or another; therefore, it is crucial for website information to be easily accessible. We strive to design clean sites that are easy to navigate. We also try to keep the viewers attention by making sites attractive and sometimes a little flashy.



We do the little things that make a site easy to navigate. For instance, we design navigation menus to allow the user to know where they are, at all times, by highlighting the page name they are currently on in the menu.


Webpages can also be interactive, which means that users get a response from performing a particular action on the site. For instance, if you hover your mouse over a underlined word on this page, the underline disappears, and the word becomes red. This suggests to you that the word is a link. Interaction is important to every web site; so, we include it in all of our designs.


Multi-media, such as audio, video, and Flash™ can also be important in website design because it can be used to display information very efficiently. A picture is great because it expresses so much so quickly. Likewise, video and 360 degree virtual tours express information that much more quickly and efficiently. In a world where attention spans are short, multi-media can reach more people, faster.


Multi-media will also enhance a user's experience. A user's experience can be key to keeping people on your site. For example, Restoration Hardware has attained a 100% higher conversion rate from their checkout process because they re-developed their checkout as a Rich Internet Application, using Macromedia Flash CS3.


We believe technology can help us become more efficient. For this reason, we use Macromedia Dreamweaver CS3 and other programs to produce our web sites. Some purists believe that using a program takes away from the pages, but we are confident that programs such as these allow us to be far more efficient; therefore, we can offer less expensive and superior web sites.

We design complete custom websites starting at $1,199. See our packages, get a quote, or Contact us for more information.

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