Custom Web Applications

A web application is a website or a portion of a website that provides a useful function to its users other than simply providing content, such as text or pictures. is an example web application because it provides personalized content and allows users to purchase items.

Solutions DeBellas specializes in developing affordable custom web applications for organizatons that need to provide more than content on their websites.


Database Driven Webpages

One of the most widely used technologies for web applications are database-driven webpages. These pages are at the heart of websites like,, and others. Without database-driven webpages, websites like these would not be possible.


In these sites, databases hold the content while the pages act as templates that deliver the content in a particular format. For example, sells a Italian food cookbook on their website. When a customer finds and clicks on the cookbook, they see a webpage which displays information about the book. The information is in a format that displays the picture on top, the description of the book in the middle, and so on. If the customer later clicks on another cookbook, for example a Mexican food cookbook, the information about it is different, but the format remains the same.


In this case, Amazon has information about both books in a database. They have one database-driven page that displays information about either book in the same format. In fact, this page can display information about any book. It could also display information about a CD or a piece of furniture, as long as the format stays the same.



Besides decreasing development time, this also decreases the time it takes to update the Amazon site. To update the site, all Amazon does is update the database. For instance, if a book price goes up, they simply change that number in the database and the webpage is automatically updated.


This simple procedure for updating saves not only time but training dollars. Staff who update the database can be a variety of employees, not just specially trained webdesigners.



The example of the database-driven website above is commonly referred to as content management. This is a powerful use of database-driven pages but is not the only use. There are many useful features of this technology. A very brief list of other benefits include:
  .:. user authentication
  .:. content management
  .:. personalized content
  .:. search capabilities
  .:. generate reports
  .:. generate graphs
  .:. much more



With the advent of new technologies, such as Java Server Pages and PHP, that make development faster and cheaper, database-driven pages are not only for large enterprises. Now, even with a modest budget, a small company can have the benefits of database-driven pages. Solutions DeBellas is not content to leave this technology in the hands of only the biggest companies. We are committed to bring database-driven web applications to smaller companies who need it to be competitive.

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