Austin Heart Continuing Medical Education



Austin Heart is the largest provider of cardiology services in Central Texas. The Austin Heart Education Department in Austin was in need of an online Continuing Medical Education System, one of the only cardiology CME systems in Texas. Their needs included an all-inclusive system for recording presentations, uploading the presentations to the newly designed website, and accepting credit cards for payment upon viewing the CME online presentations.




Solutions DeBellas was able to develop the perfect system for Austin Heart's needs, plus more! We developed a complete back-end database-driven application that allows Austin Heart employees to update their website with presentations, tests, and content in their own offices, with no need to hire a programmer. Solutions DeBellas also redesigned the look of the site, adding elements of Flash MX animation, as well as making it warmer and more inviting for its users.  The application was programmed in Java/JSP with data stored in MySQL, and was hosted on JRun application server.


Selected Features

  • Narrated courses and automatic certification 24/7
  • Course participant profile
  • MyCME™ with course tracking
  • Presenter profile
  • Complete CME back-end admin for Austin Heart
  • Presentation conversion using 3rd party software
  • Easily create new CME courses including quick presentation upload
  • Test and evaluation management
  • Robust reporting


Austin Heart Continuing Medical Education.
Course participants fill out a short profile before they may view the courses.
Course participants may login at anytime, 24/7.
Once logged in, course participants can view their "My CME" page. This page details courses the participant has completed, and courses in progress. Also, the participant's information can be changed on this page.
Each course has a description page, with the presenter biography and other course information.
Presentations are created and narrated by leading doctors, and then they are converted to Flash using third-party software.
In addition to audio narration on each slide, presentations may also include images, animations, video, Flash movies, other Audio, and more.
This angiogram is an example of video placed in a presentation.
After viewing the presentation, the course participant takes a test.
After the test, the course participant fills out a course evaluation as well as a general evaluation. Austin Heart can analyze this information using the reports section of the administration section.
Finally, the course participant may receive and print their certificate for CME credit.
Austin Heart can securely login to the administration section to manage the site. Through the administration section, they can manage login accounts, add and update courses, create and modify tests and evaluations, generate reports, manage the e-commerce system, and more.
Austin Heart can create more online courses easily, by entering information and uploading converted presentations.
The CME application keeps track of critical CME data. Information you need is quick and easy to get to.
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