Northwest Waterfront Real Estate

Northwest Waterfront Real Estate


Brothers Real Estate Consultants, based in Montana, wanted to offer information on water bodies and waterfront property in the Northwest United States. They wanted people to be able to look at the a map of a region and see listings visually. They also wanted to link those listings with their respective water bodies, giving their clients, and the public, information they would normally have to look at many sources to find.




Solutions DeBellas developed a comprehensive website to make the Waterfront site vision a reality. We synchronized the site with multiple MLS systems so that listings from Montana to Oregon would be included. We also developed a back-end administration where everything can be updated and other listings can be added. Since the beginning of this project, we have added a great deal of functionality and features to this website. The application was programmed in Java/JSP and PHP with data stored in MySQL, and is hosted on Resin application server.


Selected Features

  • Synchronization with multiple MLS systems
  • Complete advertisement management and reporting
  • Robust listing management with map placement functionality
  • Listing media management including virtual tours
  • Soon to come: Automatic Map placement with custom maps focused on water bodies
  • Water body management
  • Powerful custom website statistics including listing graphs
  • Advanced and basic search
  • Link management for search engine optimization
  • Premium listing management
  • Report management


Northwest Waterfront Real Estate

Brothers Real Estate Consultants, based in Montana, wanted to offer information on water bodies and waterfront property in the Northwest United States.
The homepage includes a tasteful flash movie and mouseovers that clue the user in to where each main button goes. The homepage also has news, interest rates, a quick search, market reports, featured listings, and more.
Buyers can see dots representing waterfront property by going looking at a map of the region of interest. There are many other ways to find listings on the site as well.
Once clicked, a listing appears with information, pictures, and virtual tours if available. Pictures can quickly and easily be seen by clicking on the buttons to the left, without going to a new page.
Listing agents may put their information on their listings; these are called premium listings. The agent's information and picture appear at the bottom of a premium listing.
When virtual tours are available, the appear right on the page. Buyers can see all around, as well as up and down, by interacting with the virtual tours. This immersive technology allows the user to experience the property as if they were there.

Buyers can use a simple search or the advanced search shown. This search allows them to choose a water body from the database via a drop-down after choosing the state. They can search by many other parameters as well.

Information on rivers, lakes, and bays is available on the site.
Water bodies, where available, have information, pictures, and virtual tours.
On the bottom of every water body are it's respective listings.
Brothers Real Estate Consultants can securely log in and administer the site 24/7. They can administer links, ads, listings, water bodies, and market reports. They can also see powerful website statistics with graphs.
The admin section includes a comprehensive set of tools for administering listings. Listings for all MLS systems are managed here.
The system knows which region the listing is in based on county information. All that's left to do is place the dot; the dot is dragged with a mouse to it's place on the map. Coming soon: automatic placement based on global coordinates and an interactive Flash map.
The administration includes complete water body management.
The back-end includes link management critical for search engine optimization. Northwest Waterfront Real Estate ranks very well on Google, as well as other search engines.
Brothers Real Estate Consultants can see monthly views of listings for an individual listing. They can also send this information easily to premium listing agents.
The website statistics are complete with many features including a display of what pages a particular, anonymous, visitor visited and when.
The site map improves search engine optimization and also provides a complete and organized look at the content of the site.
Website stats include graphs of traffic and other information.
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