Salons and Barbers


  • Salons and Barbers is a startup, dot-com company that wanted a site to allow stylists to schedule appointments with clients online. One of many features they wanted was for the client to be able to look up a stylist by zip code. Also, they wanted appointments to be imported into Outlook or other calendar. They wanted a complete solution for stylists, and they chose Solutions DeBellas to complete the entire project.


  • Solutions DeBellas delivered. We completely planned, developed, and implemented the entire site, complete with design, content management, geocoding for the zip code search, a drag and drop interface for booking appointments, and much much more. Although there are too many features to cover on this page, we've displayed some of the more significant ones here.


Salons and Barbers empowers stylists to connect with their clients, and allows clients to manage their stylist appointments.
Clients can search for stylists by zip code, name, or salon name. If searching by zip code, after typing their zip code and clicking search, the client sees a list of stylists in order of proximity, with the distance to each displayed in miles.
Clients can look at a stylists personal profile before booking an appointment.
Once the client chooses a desired service, they are presented with the stylists availability calendar. From this page, the client can book any available time by dragging their service from the left to the desired time.
Once client's book their appointment, they can import it into their Outlook or other calendar program, complete with a map to the location, times, and other information.
Stylist can login to a secure area to create their work schedule and perform many other functions. Work time is extremely flexible with daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly recurring events, and many other features.
Stylists can setup services where they can work on more than one client if they wish. The stylist's administration area gives them access to everything they need.
From the admin area, stylists can customize their profile, with all their pertinent info.
From the stylist's Startpage, stylists can see their upcoming week of appointments along with access to their other information.
Stylists can change their Startpage to show day, week, month, monthly list appointment view.
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