All Weather Services Company: All Weather Services

Challenge: Irene wanted a site that would make her deck refinishing business stand out. She wanted a place where people could go to see past projects. Also, she wanted to be able to update the site easily to add the new projects.

We designed and implemented the attractive site that Irene wanted, and also provided her with an administrative area, where her employees can login and make changes to the site quickly and easily. They can add testimonials and projects, change email addresses, modify content, and more.
Ambassador Personnel Services Company: Ambassador Personnel Services

Challenge: Ambassador Personnel Services needed a site that would make them stand out from other staffing companies in Texas. Also, they needed their site integrated with eEmpact.

From scratch, we designed the 3D homepage using 3dsMax and Macromedia Flash. We designed the rest of the site as well, utilizing Flash for maximum impact. The look stands out, and is also very professional. We configured and setup eEmpact's resume form, which synchronizes with eEmpact. We also setup Citrix access from their site and configured their in-house Citrix server. With Citrix setup, we installed the eEmpact administration software, through which Ambassador Personnel Service's clients can login and manage their eEmpact account.

Celebrate Austin Magazine Company: Celebrate Austin Magazine

Challenge: Celebrate Austin Magazine needed a plethora of management features for their new online presence. They also needed a design that would match the impressive image their magazine conveys.

Solution:We provided high quality, professional designs and implemented the final design. Celebrate also was given complete content management, ad management with tracking, company directory management, site search, category management, and much more.

Communicard Company: Communicard
Project Site:

Challenge: Communicardô creates pocket-guides and card sets, which use illustrated drawings for English and Spanish speakers to communicate contractor and housecleaning tasks without speaking. They needed to get the word out and they needed to provide samples of their products on their new site.

Solution: We implemented artist's designs for the entire site.

De Bellas & Co. Company: De Bellas & Co.
Project Site:

Challenge: DeBellas & Co. needed a streamlined site to maximize their professional image, and they needed to be able to updated their site quickly and easily so that it can grow.

Solution: We provided professional site designs and created a short, fast-loading, Flash movie for the homepage. We installed our content management system, content MX, which allows them to control their site design completely.
Deni's Interiors Company: Deni's Interiors
Project Site:

Challenge: Deni's Interiors needed a site that would impress her clients and show them the amazing interior design work that she does.

Solution: We designed the site from scratch and included some Flash animation to get her clients attention.
DueTel Company: DueTel

Challenge: Bah Design needed HTML design and Cascading Style Sheet experts to implement their design for DueTel, which patented Paced Pattern Tracing, where the operators of enterprise-class networks in Fortune 100 companies can compare bills from their carriers with what actually happened inside of their network.

Solution: We flawlessly implemented the artist's designs for the entire site.
360 Degree Virtual Tours Company: 360 Degree Virtual Tours
Project Site:

Challenge :360 Degree Virtual Tours needed to host their virtual tours online for their clients. They needed to be able to post tours quickly and easily, and they needed a aesthetically pleasing display for their tours that viewers could quickly load and easily use.

Solution: Solutions DeBellas developed a complete solution for the virtual tour company, allowing them to host tours so that they can viewed via links from any real estate site. They can post tours quickly and easily through their login area.
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